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Air Cushion Technology - Nike's long-term innovation

  Air Cushion Technology was first used by Nike in 1979. Through implant the air cushion into midsole of running shoes, the athletes wearing experience were successfully changed. Eight years later, Nike continued to use the latest scientific achievements to design running shoes. The Nike Air units became larger, which meant a stronger shockproof and more comfortable. With the advent of Air Max running shoes, the athletes not only felt but also earned the benefits of Nike Air. Since then, many of Nike Air products gradually came to market, and were widely appeared in inside and outside of arenas.    Air Max running shoes appeared in market was a revolution in 1987. The athletes gained the advantages of Nike Air at the first time. After that, Nike was still constantly improving this technology, and with every time of technological improving, the superiority of Air Max running shoes became more clear; every time of technological advance also made Nike Air Max getting closer to the desired effect.  Adhering to the Nike's constantly innovative ideas, Nike launched its Air Max 360 in 2006. These running shoes brought softest and most durable wearing experience to the athletes; all this should be attributed to the component- Nike Air, we could view the shoes from every angle, shoes did not use PU foam as a midsole, but only Nike's Air Cushion took effect.

1987—nike Air Max 87

  At the time, Nike Air technology was still quite mysterious for all of us; we were able to feel advantages from the Air Cushion, but just could not see any by our own eyes. Therefore, the Nike designer Tinker Hatfield exposed the bottom side of the Built-in Air Cushion, which made the technology visible for consumers, also made Air Max 1 the most of technical contents in the history of Nike's shoes. However, the visible Air Cushion later became a new trend.1991—nike Air Max 180  For Air Cushion, Nike's designers know that the bigger the better, so they developed a larger one. By the then new technology- known as Blow Molding, the larger Air Cushion was used in Air Max 180. It allowed consumers to see Air Cushion absorbers through the 180-degree of window, which was sealed in midsole. At that time, Nike has invited the global-renowned artists to join in advertising and shoes design; which was without precedent.1993—Air Max 93   Nike's designers improved Blow Molding technology further. They created no obstruction for Air Cushion to fit the heel perfectly, which provided a more flexible and more effective buffer; and then overall shape had a fashion look.1995—Nike Air Max 95    The technical improvement for Air Max 95 shoes mainly reflected in forefoot and toe area. A double pressure of Air Cushion was added in midsole, and advantages of stability and flexibility were fully combined in the shoes. Running shoes first time showed with its logo, and with the continuing development of Air Max, We had one goal in mind: bring life into the Air.1997—Air Max 97   Nike's designers carried out a new breakthrough; they designed an Air Cushion Unit crossing the entire sole of the foot, but still used only one layer of PU foam. It was the first Air Cushion that specially designed for running, and many other products followed the design. 2003—Air Max 03   After six years of research for compartmented Air Cushion, Nike's designers return to a full- sole (of the foot) Air Cushion designing idea, which actually happened in 1997. At that time, they also greatly reduced the PU foam in midsole; and replaced with a small "box", which contains Air Cushion. Non-foam Midsole was no longer an unattainable dream, and had become an irreversible trend from then.2006—Air Max 360   Air Max 360 were more focused on top class comfort and excellent motion performance. No PU foam was used in midsole; Air Cushion alone brought a new experience to every athlete.
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Tiffany Introduction

Tiffany's most famous and expensive silver products in the world. Tiffany & co founded in 1837, just start is famous for silverware ,when 925 silver introduced in 1851,tiffany become more famous .discount tiffany And because of "breakfast at Tiffany’s",Audery Hepburn have good fame . It hear that tiffany is very popular for the symbol of the American design, with love and beauty, romance and dream nearly two centuries. It is full of Sensibility and beauty ,satisfy all women in the world of fantasy. In their body, is not only beautiful, but also has high noble, so I like it very much..   Tiffany jewelry 
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Ru Jin Shi, nike air max 2009 located at the foot of the iron peaks, stayed in North Shore and special legislation, the shape of Confucian wearing a pocket, hence the name. Want to pull for the king of the mountain erotic perfunctory so long stretched arm. Shek Pik on Juan with the Southern Song Dynasty scholar Cai Hangzhou (No. Jiufeng) the inscription "1000 Cliff myriad" meaning to take care in Southern philologist Praise Ye Wang Wuyi Mountains of the words: "Chibaya King show, fight myriad streams. Beautiful, mountains and rivers , [nike air max]real world of Greek Gou also. "
Iron peaks
Wuyishan 36 peaks for the one of the Sibei at a peak foot of the brink of Jiuqu stream, nike air max 87 the foot of the mountain with the two separated River Xiang Zhi, folklore, ghost, turned into rock for the iron peaks, day and night surveillance teen idol and the king, let them tryst, Guer hideous, hideous livid. And the peaks are indeed known to steep cut emergence. Yan plate number of years it may be six of Xian Zhang Feng long struggle. Cliff a thousand yards is less in Xian Zhang Feng. Fang Zheng huge peak body, which separate one, two sector. Scribes Huting Yan Ming had boarded the peak, Chan said: "Pingtiao the peaks of the arch protection, Qushui convergence, Wuyi almost completed the victory with a carry on. The mountains so much nirvana, regardless of their major, that is, if Yunwo has been amazed by it, however all in order to win human arrangements, but also leveling block mountains, not enough to stretch their horizons and made spirit, and how so very cool dry terrain to the both, the most secluded complex peace! "Wu Zheng-Ming Scholars (word if the content) has built" Wuyi Do Business " the peaks waist, has been spent.
Bath Hong Tan
Foot in the foot of the mountain is done and the rainy two pools, nike air max 24/7 clear water is clear and flat as a mirror, reflecting the foot of the mountain lake of shadows, Huang Ru erotic waterfront dressing. Ancient lake side of the strait planting sandalwood trees, also known as Sandalwood Lake. Run Zhang Shi Qing Dynasty poets love their peak shadow flicker on the river, like a teen idol Zhuo Qing Lian and doubly enchanting, Tiffany jewelry was renamed as the Hong Tan bath. Lake has two small stone, pebble Founder such as India, known as Indian Rock, civil derivative for the other side of the king erotic gift of Dingqingzhiwu; another stone is shaped like a comb, known as the Hong comb stone, jade folklore morning when the makeup woman to cloud bun black hair combed, beats dr.dre but also erotic Rebate legendary king of this as a token.

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